Abstracts can be submitted in German or English. An abstract, including spaces and punctuation marks, should not contain more than 1,800 characters and be subdivided into: 1. question, 2. material and methods, 3. results, 4. conclusions.

Employees of industrial companies can not be lecturers but only co-authors. Various institutions should be identified and any funding (third-party funds) should be indicated at the end of the abstract.

Further details can be found in the specifications on the abstract input page of the congress website www.dgu-kongress.de. All authors agree to the publication of the abstract by the DGU when accepting an abstract.

Registration of scientific contributions at: www.dgu-kongress.de

Activation: December 15, 2018
Deadline: March 1, 2019, 24:00

Only DVDs that have been accurately labeled with the author and title and that are submitted in a cover and copy of the written abstract at the DGU office by March 15, 2019, can only be accepted.

Please note that the abstracts for the film submissions should also be submitted online in advance via the congress website by March 1, 2019.

The maximum duration of the film contributions should not exceed 15 minutes.

All authors agree with the publication of the abstract and the film by the DGU when accepting the film.

Guidelines on potential conflicts of interest can be found at: www.dgu-kongress.de