The stamp of the 71st Congress of the German Society of Urology may be used by sponsors and exhibitors of the congress. The condition for this, is that no changes or additions will be made on the stamp.

All printed materials, which the stamp is to be printed on, should be first sent for viewing to Interplan AG to

In order to receive a release, please fulfill the following criteria:

1) The stamp should be printed on promotional materials, which are used only for event-related matter.

2) Include in your text the information, that it is a service for the purpose of the 71st Congress of the DGU, for example: “Exhibition / Sponsoring / Workshop / Symposium as a part of the 72nd Congress of the German Society of Urology”. It must be clear, that your company is the organizer of this activity and not the DGU.

3) The stamp must be always used only in conjunction with the logo of the sponsor. Both logos should be positioned equally.

4) The following information should be printed on all printed materials: “The German Society for Urology is not responsible for the information published in this document.”


DGU 2020 – Stamp (425x260mm)

DGU 2020 – Stamp (Mailformat)

DGU 2020 – Stamp (495x423mm)

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